CO-OP Dayton

Co-op Dayton is a non-profit organization founded in 2015 to develop cooperative businesses that meet community needs:

Whether that’s access to fresh groceries or to quality job opportunities.

The Cooperative Model

We believe that the cooperative model of worker ownership can transform the Dayton region by rooting jobs and businesses locally.

Cooperatives mean jobs with greater dignity and opportunities for workers to build wealth through their contributions to the business.  

And cooperatives mean businesses with greater accountability to the people that live and work here.

A Regional Economy

We are inspired by the principles and structure of the Mondragon Corporation, the largest and most successful cooperative network in the world, based in Spain’s northern Basque region.  

By bringing Mondragon’s resilient model to Dayton, Ohio, we will develop a network of local cooperative businesses, growing our economy and creating wealth from the ground up.

Our Services

We are accomplishing our mission by educating the community about the cooperative business model and other forms of worker ownership and by providing resources and services to support both startup cooperative businesses and cooperative transitions for existing businesses.